A Birthday To Remember
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Our StoryDanny PhotoOur little “Danny Boy” came into our lives October 15, 2006. Only 13 weeks with us, a life much too short, we cherished every minute with him. His first cry, the first time his beautiful eyes could focus, his first bath, his first sounds – trying to talk, rolling over for the first time, taking him to meet family and friends for the first time, introducing him to his first baby friends, his first Thanksgiving and Christmas – showing him our world. These are the memories we will hold in our hearts forever. Photo memories of Danny

On January 13, 2007 a tragic accident took his life. In seconds the best thing that ever happened to us turned to the worst. In the days following, we did not know how we could or ever continue with our lives as our world suddenly changed. But we were blessed with the comfort and support from our families, friends, church, parent’s who have also experienced loss, professionals and even strangers who suddenly came into our lives. We are thankful that they were there at our most difficult time in our lives and that they have given us the hope to continue on this new journey ahead.

Very early on we promised Danny that we would ALWAYS keep his memory alive and we would listen to what ever our mission is. We knew from the beginning that we wanted to help other children who were less fortunate and didn’t have the love or support from their families.

Many of our friends and family contributed to a memorial fund for Danny and we wanted to make sure we chose a very special place to send those funds. We had the idea of a “birthday closet” and on a Friday in July we were guided toward Hephzibah. We visited the home and immediately knew that this was the place that we needed to be now and as our commitment for years to come.

It broke our hearts to learn that there are children in this world that are so severely traumatized by neglect, abuse and abandonment. But we know that these are the children that need us. Through Danny’s birthday closet, it is our hope that the children at Hephzibah can learn that they are very special and that there are people out there who DO really care about them.

As we heal from our heartbreak it is our hope that the children at Hephzibah too can heal from their heartbreaking situations through our “Birthday to Remember” program. Danny touched so many lives in the very short time he was with us. We believe that our little angel will continue to touch lives – especially the children at Hephzibah.