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Danny's Birthday Closet

Closet DoorsOur angel Danny’s birthday closet at the Hephzibah Home in Oak Park, IL was dedicated on October 15, 2007 in honor of his 1st birthday. Our mission is to support the purchase of gifts and other items for the children residing at the Hephzibah home on each of their birthdays.

Danny’s birthday closet is located on the main floor of the home just next to the library. The closet doors have the following poem:

“Make a Wish Upon a Star
and Behind These Doors You’ll See
what the Birthday Angel’s Surprise
on Your Special Day Will Be!

Birthday Gifts for the Children at the Hephzibah Home
The closet will be stocked with gifts bought especially for the children that live in the Residence and Diagnostic Shelter. Items such as an outfit, pajamas, toys, books, sports gear etc. will be wrapped in the closet and ready for each child’s birthday. The staff at Hephzibah has provided us with items that the children currently living at the home are interested in. We will update the list on this web site as we continue to learn about the children’s specific interests and as new children come to the home.The closet will also be stocked with general toy items, games etc. in case a gift needs to be pulled in a hurry. Our initial commitment is to sponsoring each child’s birthday with presents, however other special gifts and programs can come through Danny’s birthday closet and create more magical moments.

New Books
Dedicated to your child on his/her birthday, new books can be donated as a gift to the library at the Hephzibah home.

Field Trips/Outings for the children in the Residence
This would give the children at Hephzibah similar parties that the children in your lives experience for their birthdays

-Ice Skating
-Water Park
-Ice Cream Party
-Pizza Party
-Sporting Events

Gifts to the Hephzibah Home on the home’s “birthday” or on the birthday of a very special angel in your lives or forever in your hearts

To learn more about Hephzibah visit: http://www.hephzibahhome.org